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Fashion  Projects

Helen creates Fashion events in conjunction with Education, which brings the attention of high school students to Art, Fashion & Design all over the world. Read more

Education Projects

Are you interested in participating in a YU Start-up School? Do you want to launch a First Foreign Language School branch in your city? Read about these opportunities

Wellness Projects

Healthy lifestyle, traditional and unconventional recipes from all over the world, yoga and meditation techniques, you can find everything on this website. 



About Helen Koval

Helen Koval is a start-up and integrated marketing communications consultant. Ms. Koval concentrates her efforts on disruptive technology projects. Some personal projects of Helen Koval include: a marketing agency Plug Into Social Media, LLC; a start-up consulting company iMediaTime Inc,; a network of ESL schools: First Foreign Language Centre, and lifestyle and cooking website Helen's Cooking.



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